Dairei Asia Sdn Bhd was incorporated in July, 2011 and is a joint venture between Japaness business partner and Dairei Co. Ltd. Japan. The official Signing Ceremony of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agreement was signed between Dairei Asia Sdn Bhd and Zun Utara Industry Sdn Bhd in Alor Star. With this, Dairei Asia Sdn Bhd will be the first company in Malaysia to manufacture the -60°C low temperature super freezer.

The -60°C food revolution freezer is based on advanced cryogenic technology, which is able to maintain the freshness of food and flavour and extend the shelf life of food for an indefinite period. Beside that, freezing at -60°C will revolutionise retail business by eliminating waste and customers will benefit from low costs and superior product backed by reliability of 25 years of Dairei technology.

The company's principal business activity is to produce the -60°C super low temperature range of freezer products to cater to countries in South East Asia.


Dairei Co. Ltd. was incorporated with capital of ¥5,000,000 in May 1980 and was increased to ¥28,000,000 in April 1997. Its head office is located at 19-4, Yushima 3-Chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Dairei Co. Ltd.'s objective is to respond to the demand for enhanced freshness in various foodstuffs, primarily through the use of cryogenic technology. It continues to improve the quality and convenience of dietary lifestyles by developing environmental-friendly freezers based on its own original refrigerant and the new integrated refrigeration technology.

Dairei Co. Ltd. is the pioneer of super low temperature freezer in Japan and the market share exceeds 70% among sushi restaurants in Japan.