Solutions to many needs, more variety to the dining table

Dairei saw the potential of cryogenic freezing technology for use with other types of food in addition to tuna. This vision led to the development of low-cost freezer-stockers. Freezing at - 60°C prevents any loss of freshness in a wide variety of food products, including blowfish,bonito, salmon roe, crab, abalone and other seafood, as well as meats and processed foods, such as Chinese dumplings and shao-mai.

The technology can even be used for fruits, including lychees and avocados, as well as Japanese and European confectionery. The freezer -stocker uses the magic of cryogenic freezing techonology to extend shelf life. And Dairei has made this once extremely expensive technology available at a reasonable price for use in a wider range of applications, including supermarkets and other retail outlets.

The world's first -60°C showcase - revolutionizing the retail business by eliminating wastage losses

Frozen food showcases in supermarkets and other retail outlets normally keep products at temperatures between -15°C and -20°C. The shelf life of products sold from these facilities is generally around 2-3 weeks. With Dairei's -60°C cryogenic freezer showcases, shelf life can be significantly extended.

What if losses caused by the disposal of expired frozen foods could be avoided? What if there was no longer a 30% disposal loss each month? Dairei has created more than a freezer showcase. It has created a new storage technology that can revolutionize your business.

Low costs and superior reliability backed by 25 years of Dairei technology

Dairei offers a wide range of cryogenic freezer-stockers with excellent characteristics. All have simple single-compressor freezing systems for lower prices and better reliability. Energy consumption is low, and operating noise levels have also been reduced. These products are not only less expensive to operate, but also more friendly to the environment.

Cryogenic freezing technology will bring new business opportunities

For example, food stored in a freezer at - 60°C retain their seasonal flavors, it is possible to ensure reliable supplies of gourmet ingredients by buying in bulk when prices are low.

And traditional delicacies can be shipped nationwide with their wonderful flavors intact. Consumers also benefit because they are able to enjoy delicious foods at any time at stable prices.

Technology proven in pelagic tuna fisheries

With voyages lasting 1-2 years, today's pelagic tuna fishing vessels use freezers capable of operating at - 60°C. This technology seals in the freshness of tuna even during long-term storage, allowing vessels to bring their catch to port unaffacted by oxidation, discoloration of freezer burn.

Cryogenic freezing at - 60°C eliminates losses caused by deterioration in freshness by preventing changes affecting nutritional composition, coloring, flavor and other characteristics. The effectiveness of this revolutionary technology has been proven in the pelagic tuna fishing industry.